The House

Take a tour in La Sarrasine, one of the four oldests houses of our village, as Dominique Bibal wrote in his beautiful book Au sud du Mont Ventoux, un Village Provencal, Villes sur Auzon :

" A few houses from the old heart of the village, especially the four ones of the east-side, shows kind of a gracefulness : massive entrance, large vestibule, and frescos. La Sarrasine used to be the property of "Sieur Chaud de Colombier".
In this lovely house, a few genuine frescos from the 17th can be seen, painted using methods from the 16th, according to french cultural experts"

La maison

Welcome in La Sarrasine !

La maison

A place full of sun...

La maison

The little secret and peacefull courtyard inside the house.

La maison

An enchanting and comfy maze.

La maison

Behind the window, enjoy the authenticity of a real provencal house.

La maison

He won't sneak in your room, but Scafagnette the cat never say no to a little cuddle !

La maison

A perfect place for a daydream...

La maison

Please take a seat with us !

Il neige sur la Sarrasine !

La Sarrasine during winter, covered in snow.

Our logo

Designed by the Makizards Studio, our logo carries the soul of our house and the spirit of our country.

Le logo de la Sarrasine

Its round shape stands for the warmth of our home, bound with the brightness of its blue shutters... a shelter made of peace and guarded by the careful sun of Provence, the one which can warm your heart and treat your soul.

The decorative shapes reminds what makes the area so beautiful : the nature here is trembling, from the lush vegetation to the famous swirling winds of Vaucluse.

Right in the middle of this stunning picture, the Ventoux mount stands as a majestic king.

La Sarrasine, Chambres d'hôtes à Villes sur Auzon , 84570, Vaucluse ׀ Accessibilité ׀ ©Les Makizards