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La Sarrasine (Bertrand Croset)
1, Place de l'Église


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How to get to Villes sur Auzon:

● From CARPENTRAS the Secondary Road 942, will take you from Carpentras to Villes sur Auzon, going through Mazan (6,5Kms from Carpentras), then Mormoiron (5,5 Kms from Mazan) and finally Villes sur Auzon which is 4,5 Kms from Mormoiron, so that makes a total of 16,5 Kms from Carpentras.

VILLES SUR AUZON is one of those villages surrounded by a one-way circular road. By driving round it, you will leave to your right the Secondary Road n°1 which leads to SAULT, to drive on around « Villes ».
When spotting the Church to the right, you will find yourself in front of la Sarrasine, easily recognisable with its sunny ochre-shade façade and its bright blue table which is expecting you.

● From SAULT : Whether you arrive at VILLES SUR AUZON, from Sault, thus by the Secondary Road n°1, so-called route de la Gabelle, or by the Gorges of the Nesque, both breathtaking routes, your itinerary will take you to the Bar du Soleil and the one-way that follows will allow you to arrive just in front of La Sarrasine as soon as you see the Church, you will be in front of our house.

La Sarrasine, Chambres d'hôtes à Villes sur Auzon , 84570, Vaucluse ׀ Accessibilité ׀ ©Les Makizards