The Area

Villes sur Auzon

Our village, "Villes sur Auzon", & and one of its fountains

Champs de lavande

Lavander fields

La maison

The majestic "Mont Ventoux"

La maison

Nesque Gorge


Ochre quarry in Villes sur Auzon.


Cherry trees in bloom next to our village

Pays des vignes

Vaucluse, land of vine & fine wine

Villes voisines

The Sorgue river & the lovely town of Fontaine de Vaucluse

Villes sur Auzon is one of the starting points to discover the wild gorges of the Nesque : : Vyou will have the opportunity to admire this spectacular canyon, 400 metre deep, by following the river Nesque on 20 kms from Villes sur Auzon to Monieux.

A short drive on the circular road will allow you to get around it either from Villes sur Auzon to the West or from Sault to the East (by foot allow 2 and a half hours return following the GR9 indicated in brown).

The road rises rapidly above the plain and, within a few minutes, offers spectacular views on the Gorges.

This is neither the Grand Canyon nor the Gorges of the Verdon... but it is quite impressive all the same.

From the road you will not see the tiny stream at the bottom of the canyon but only the very deep falls bare or covered with vegetation.

The culminating point of the gorges (872m) is at the panoramic viewpoint, the Belvedere du Castellaras, situated about 3 km before Monieux...Great thrills galore! Then the Nesque disappears underground to reappear at Fontaine de Vaucluse.

From the culminating point of the village you will admire the panoramic view of the Gorges of the Nesque and the impressive figure of the Giant of Provence,le Mont Ventoux.

The village of Villes sur Auzon is quite charming with its ochre-shade houses, its ancient fountains, small alleys and its peaceful Provencal atmosphere…

To be noted :

The small village counts two instrument-making craftsmen (flute and guitar).
Do not miss the market day, every Wednesday morning... You are here in the land of Good Food and Fine Wine…!

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